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Andrew Mellen

"More Love, Less Stuff"

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Ash Wednesday

On my forehead,

A sign of the cross,

Smudged in ash from the fire

That burned down the McMansion of my hubris, And, with it, The money I should have given away,

The television I used to numb my senses,

The carpet I should have been called on,

The doors I should have opened to others,

The envelopes I should have used

To send letters of love,

The calendars where visits with the people who needed me most

Should have been scheduled,

The couch of my complacency,

The lounge-chair of my laziness,

The shirts I stuffed with my pride,

The moccasins I should have traded with others

So we could have walked miles in them.

On my forehead,

A sign of the crossroad

Where I can turn from the way of ruin

To the way of life. (By Jim Burklo)

                                                 Blessings, Pastor Galen